The Author

Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel Old Bridge

Lloyd Pulley was born in Michigan in 1958 His father abandoned the family when Lloyd was a toddler, and at the age of four his mother died. Lloyd’s grandmother, whose heart was broken over the sudden loss of her daughter, stepped in and took on the responsibility of raising Lloyd and his three older sisters. She didn’t have much, but what she did have she gave to them. She loved them and raised them in the ways of the Lord, and prayed that each of her grandchildren would come to know and love Jesus.

At the age of six Lloyd was enrolled in Big Brothers of America. The life-long relationship that was formed between him and his big brother played an important role in molding his young life. However, in his teen years Lloyd’s rebellious heart caused him to walk away from the strong foundations he had received. Through a series of bad choices and big disappointments, Lloyd’s life eventually turned into one of emptiness and despair. It wasn’t until he met a wrestler named Steve on his college wrestling team that things began to turn around.

Steve was a Christian whose his life exuded a peace and genuineness that appealed to Lloyd. One night Lloyd asked him what his secret was and Steve told him, “I have no secret Lloyd, it’s Jesus. You just need to yield your life completely to Him and He will empower you and direct your path.”

Later, while riding his bike home Lloyd realized Steve was right—he had never fully yielded his life to the Lord. That night his grandmother’s prayers were answered. Lloyd responded to God’s call and surrendered his life to Jesus.

In 1978, at the age of twenty, Lloyd made another life-altering decision. Feeling a call to get trained in Christian ministry, he left Michigan State University and moved to Southern California. He began attending Calvary Chapel in West Covina and soon became an intern under Senior Pastor Raul Ries. Two years later Lloyd was ordained as a pastor.

At Calvary Chapel he met and married his wife Karen. In 1984, they made a decision that once again altered the course of their lives. Sensing a burden for the East Coast, Lloyd and Karen packed up their two young children and moved to New Jersey with the dream of planting a church in an area that had once heard the oratory of men such as Whitfield, Edwards, Tennant, and many others.

Fueled by a passion for God’s Word and a reliance on the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit, Calvary Chapel Old Bridge was founded in 1984. Under Lloyd’s leadership the church has grown from a small home group to a thriving church of over 5,000 adults. A K-12 school, Calvary Christian School, and a Christian radio station, The Bridge, have expanded the church’s outreach in recent years.

Lloyd’s practical, verse-by-verse teaching style encourages believers to apply the rich truths found in the Scripture to their daily lives. Through Bridging the Gap, the radio-teaching ministry of CCOB, Lloyd’s messages are broadcast throughout the USA and can be heard worldwide on the Internet.

He is also the author of numerous books, including Under His Influence: Yielding to the Work of the Holy Spirit, and Everyday Conversations, Eternal Impact: Lessons Drawn From Jesus and the Woman at the Well, which was released in April 2011.

He and his wife Karen reside in central New Jersey and have two children and three grandchildren.

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