Why I Wrote This Book

I have written this book to equip and encourage Christians to step out and share their faith in everyday situations. God has placed us in this world to tell others about Him. Once we are in heaven we won’t need to do that anymore. Everyone there will already know Jesus! But if we want those who do not know Him to be with us in heaven one day, then we must tell them what we know, today.

How we do that is key. People don’t need to be preached down to—they need to be inspired to look up. They need to see real people with real solutions to real problems. They need to know people who live in the same neighborhoods and deal with the same frustrations, but who do so with joy, peace, and love. They need to hear something that is true and good, something that really works and comes with no strings attached. They need to hear the gospel and see the power of Jesus Christ demonstrated in the lives of believers, every day and everywhere.

The truths I share are nothing new. Since the day Jesus ascended into heaven and commanded His disciples to go into the world and be His witnesses, many helpful books on the topic of evangelism have been written. Most of them provide training or some methodology or formula geared towards teaching believers how to reach the world for Christ. While some of these ideas are useful, the problem with most is that they focus more on a method than on depending upon the leading and empowering of the Holy Spirit. He is the only One who can open effective doors for the gospel to go forth.

The message of this book differs because it is based solely on the example of Jesus Christ. And Jesus’ approach contradicts many of the evangelistic models and techniques taught and practiced in Christian circles today. We learn from Jesus that being an evangelist is not something we need to be taught how to do, but rather it is an overflow of who we already are in Him.